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Relationship is inevitable🇧🇷 Even when the relationship is not between people, it happens with animals, plants, elements, with emotions, sensations and thoughts, with life and death.

Every relationship experience, whether it makes us laugh or cry, react or quiet, disagree or

consent, happens within us, within theconscience that we are. 


Relating is an internal experience for each of us. Whether we know it or not, we are primarily responsible for our happiness and suffering in any of our relationships. 

From that inspiration, we designed these 6 weeks of internal journey, which is at the same time

shared - just like life.We will share different practices and teachings based on our experience with Tantra, Mindfulness and Non-Duality🇧🇷

♦ Acesso por tempo ilimitado à todos os encontros que acontecerão ao vivo pelo Zoom - as gravações dos encontros ficarão disponíveis para você!
♦ Ensinamentos diretos e ferramentas para vivenciar relações com mais consciência
♦ Meditações e práticas guiadas para colocar em prática todos os aprendizados
♦ Ferramentas para incorporar mais prazer, alegria e plenitude em todas as suas relações
♦ Oportunidades para tirar dúvidas e aprofundar no autoconhecimento
♦ Acesso à uma comunidade muito especial de pessoas interessadas em viver com mais integridade, maturidade e profundidade no tema das relações e na vida

   O que você irá receber nessa jornada:   


Contribution per person

Choose one of the pricing options belowthat you feel represents a fair and full exchange for all.

Parcelamos em até 3X.

Solidarity Value:
BRL 330

Full Value:
BRL 450

Abundant Value:
BRL 570

* Oferecemos bolsas para pessoas negras e indígenas na busca de proporcionar espaços mais inclusivos e diversos e também para pessoas em dificuldades financeiras.
Entre em contato se quiser solicitar uma bolsa!

A journey for those who want to live with integrity and incorporate the recognition of our essence at the level of relationships.


Important:After clicking "send", you will be redirected to   to receive the information via Whatsapp  to participate in the Zoom film screening.

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Over 6 weekly meetings, on Sundays, from 6 pm to 8 pm,

we will understand and practice the

6 Principles of Awakened Relationships:

1 - Body Presence

2 - Abertura Mental

3 - Maturidade Emocional

4 - Comunicação Consciente

5 - Sexualidade Integral

6 - Autonomia Espiritual

Vamos aproveitar o tempo juntos para nos conhecer intimamente no nível da essência, sendo espelhos uns para os outros. Dançaremos com os paradoxos, reconhecendo a realidade que nos une e ao mesmo tempo abraçando a diversidade e singularidade na expressão de cada um. 

Esse convite é direcionado para buscadores e encontradores daquilo que é mais importante na vida - o autoconhecimento e o despertar corporificado da nossa real natureza. 

Sentiu o chamado? Você é muito bem vind@!


Our intention is that throughout this journey you experience and receive knowledge and tools that empower you to relate with greater confidence, love and presence. 

This is an eventinclusive both for couples - with or without children, and for singles and lovers of life.We will address topics that are applicable to your relationships with family, partner, friends, body, planet earth...

We believe that together we can create a sense of family, a sangha,

united by the Truth that awakens us.




Miho Mihov

Founder of the Awakening in Practice project, body therapist, sexuality and relationship coaching and Mindfulness Instructor in training. Practitioner and apprentice of Shaiva Tantra traditions with Professors Christopher D. Wallis (USA) and Peter Littlejohn Cook (Portugal) and of Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhism with Adyashanti, Mooji and Veesthish Om. Participated in the 6-week Transformative Immersion of the Vida Desperta Project in Portugal.

Miho is born in Bulgaria. He has lived in various ecovillages and communities across Europe, learning and immersively experiencing community life, sustainability and non-dual and integral spirituality. For the last 10 years he has dedicated himself to the gradual process of Awakening Consciousness day by day.


Yasmin Novaes

Co-creator of the Awakening in Practice project, Integral Yoga teacher, Mindfulness instructor in training and singer. His life is dedicated to the search for self-knowledge and the expression of the Truth of who we are.

In her journey, she has been deepening in practices of Yoga, meditation, Yoga of Sound, music as a connection with the divine and in the studies of non-duality, Tantra and Mindfulness. Its mission is to share with the world the memory of our sacred essence, the wisdom of our Heart.


"It was a wonderful experience

participate in this event.

My partner and I are looking for experiences that help us to awaken our attention and the quality of our presence as a couple. We were very happy, because we left the meeting quite transformed.

The dynamics were incredible and Miho and Yasmin's driving was very generous and careful. All this made this meeting very meaningful for us.

Thank you!"

~ Claudia 

"Until now my heart vibrates with joy and love.

and feelings are all over the body, all over the soul.

Gratitude for so much light, wisdom, generosity, for the beautiful

serve you!"

~ C. Itano

"I have no words to express what this experience was for me, I thank Miho and Yasmin wholeheartedly for each new awakening in my life, in my body, in my soul. I thank everyone who shared their experiences making this meeting even more more beautiful.

Wherever I am, I will always be connected to you, sending much peace, love and light.

Gratitude with all my heart ✨🌹💕

~ Grazielle


🇧🇷Awakening in Practice🇧🇷 All rights reserved.

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