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True meaning
I realized that I am here on this planet, embodying this human form to serve and contribute to humanity and the planet, awakening to my essential nature and embodying it as fully and fully as I can. For me, this process of embodied awakening is a never-ending journey. Its full of obstacles, challenges and learning and at the same time full of synchronicity and intelligence.

My quest for wisdom
Since I was a child, the power of curiosity and the search for truth, love and beauty has been a main driving force for me. I am passionate about the science of self-discovery and true service in the form of non-dual spiritual teachings, tantric wisdom and sacred activism. My journey took me from traveling and living for several years in different ecovillages, communities, spiritual centers and alternative projects around the world, to meeting very special teachers and mentors who enriched me and helped me to believe in my creative potential to design a life. incredible. I am always driven by my curiosity and love to learn experientially and theoretically, so I take every opportunity to participate in immersions, retreats and courses related to awakening, sexuality and sustainability.

A simple, natural, community-based life
I believe in the importance of a simple and healthy lifestyle. For the last few years I have been eating a plant-based diet and living in nature. I also developed a deep interest in the process of community building and collective awakening. It is clear to me that neither awakening nor humanitarian service is an individual process. We need each other to teach, challenge and inspire each other. My life dream is closely tied to the vision of co-creating a community of spiritually awakened and embodied people who embrace meditation, self-awareness, sexuality and nature-based lifestyle as central pillars in their foundation.

The meaning of love and service
I currently share life with my partner Yasmin, whom I love deeply and with whom I share my purpose in Life. I'm b
orn in Bulgaria, founder of the Awakening in Practice project, body therapist, sexuality and relationship coach and Mindfulness Instructor in training. I feel that there is a lot to life and there is a lot to learn and experience, but I feel that everything we need is here, where we are. I have a thirst to explore the true meaning of love and service, and I am also infinitely grateful for all that I have and all that I am. I am truly inspired to authentically share the gifts I have been given with the world in the form of wisdom, inspiration and experience. I humbly ask that I may become a benevolent presence on this planet and I wish to encourage you to shine in all your beauty as well!

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