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Miho Mihov

project founderAwakening in Practice and co-creator of the 5 Elements Massage. Body Therapist, Coaching in Sexuality and Conscious Relationships and Mindfulness Instructor. He has more than 12 years of experience facilitating self-knowledge courses and experiences.


Miho is born in Bulgaria. He has lived in various ecovillages and communities in Europe, India and Brazil, learning and immersively experiencing community life, sustainability and non-dual and integral spirituality. Practitioner and learner of the traditions of Shaiva Tantra, Advaita Vedanta

and Buddhism.


Yasmin Novaes

Co-creator of the Awakening in Practice project, Integral Yoga teacher, Mindfulness instructor and singer. His life is dedicated to the search for self-knowledge and the expression of the Truth of who we are.

In her journey, she has been deepening in practices of Yoga, meditation, Yoga of Sound, music as a connection with the divine and in the studies of non-duality, Tantra and Mindfulness. Its mission is to share with the world the memory of our sacred essence, the wisdom of our Heart.


"I have no words to express what this experience was for me, I wholeheartedly thank Miho and Yasmin for each new awakening in my life, in my body, in my soul.

I thank everyone who shared their experiences making this meeting even more beautiful.

Wherever I am, I will always be connected to you, sending much peace, love and light.

Gratitude with all my heart ✨🌹💕

- Grazielle

"This journey met what I believe, my quest. To be what I really am, free, at peace, connected with nature, with people. To love, simply to love... Many thanks to Miho, Yasmin and everyone who participated. I felt my essence in the silence, I left the surface a little, in short, it was much more than I expected. I woke up to very important issues in my life. May other meetings come.

Shalom! Namaste!!"

- Luiza

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