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The individual session with me is for those looking for:
- A welcoming space to simply be yourself
- A moment of pause to rest from the habit of doing and just rest in the Now
- Feeling heard with sensitivity and without judgment
- Live with more tranquility, lightness and Presence 
- Delve into the art of meditation and mindfulness 
- Relax and calm your mind listening to music that connects you with the Heart 
- Release conditioned patterns and beliefs that limit your flow in life
- Discover the peace, love and joy that are your truest essence and incorporate it into your expression and service in the world 

How it works?
In a field of Presence and intuition, tools such as deep listening, Mindfulness and self-compassion practices, guided meditation, music to connect with the heart, body and energy awareness practices, awakened communication, Flow Massage and Sound - and what more arise from the needs presented.

Book an online session to know my work

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I truly want to help you. For I truly wish that you live fully, that you find yourself, that you follow the deepest calling in you - that you awaken to your essence! 

And from the depths of my heart, I invite you. And I'm immensely happy if it resonates for you.

If you are looking to discover what is most infinite, loving and beautiful within you, if you are looking for a breather, a space where you can only feel at peace, I invite you to experience an individual session with me. This is a work that I am developing with all my heart, gathering all the wisdom and tools of connection and self-knowledge that I have had access to. These sessions are currently done by conscious contribution - you offer in exchange the value you feel you can and want to give. This is a way to also make this session more accessible to anyone in any condition. 

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