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A meeting to delve into our natural state of interconnectedness and fullness.

We realize that today many people are overwhelmed with so many distractions, chores and concerns. Its not always easy to give ourselves the time to rest in silence and just Be.


Therefore, we bring this invitation to gather in nature, quiet the mind, practice Mindfulness, contemplate the direct teachings of non-duality, share with like-minded people and celebrate our existence.


In this way, we can create a field of presence that affects us and our environment in a positive and effective way. These encounters are important for the evolution of consciousness in our time.

Video: What is A Mindfulness Day?


"Thank you for this day that was a delight! ❤️

I felt totally invited to indulge in everything the moment offered and it was perfect! I realized, from the heart, how much you two are living examples of what you teach and that was so beautiful to see and experience!! Gratitude, Gratitude!!I slowed down so much that I got home and just wanted a nice shower and continued feeling connected!

It was beautiful!

I will highly recommend your new events!"

~ Regina

"It was a day of light, of peace. In the silence I felt the love for all beings. In the river, the emotion, the pulsation of my heart in tune with the flow of the waters. Dancing, moving, I let go of my body, I felt lightness, peace, harmony with nature, with the people around me. A living energy. Meditating, I returned home.

In the shares, the wealth of testimonials.

Hearing Yasmin's voice was like hearing the voice of an angel, a sublime moment. Finding Miho was a meeting of souls. Gratitude to God and to you, dear friends."

~ Luiza

“Simple, intense and surprising, the encounter of A day of mindfulness at the waterfall.

The effects of the retreat can be felt during and after, with a gentle and loving expansion of energy and awareness. Miho and Yasmin

lead with wisdom, smoothness and

special care for each one.

I want to go back!”

~ Moksha

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