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Tantra para casais

Awakened Relationships Session for Couples

with Miho Mihov and Yasmin Novaes

This work is for all types of couples, regardless of sexual orientation, skin color or religion, who want to cultivate relationships based on more presence, intimacy, self-knowledge, sensitivity, clear communication and authenticity.
• Context of safe and clear space for communication and free expression 
• Consent wheel
• Sensory meditations in pairs
• Touch, breath, movement and sound practices
• Practices to Cultivate Resilience and Emotional Maturity
• 5 erotic patterns and sensory exploration
• Tantric practices for spiritual connection at the essence level

5 Elements Tantric Massage Course for Couples


This is a free course, lasting approximately 9 hours, aimed at couples who wish to learn the principles and basic technique of 5 Elements massage for personal use. Note that this is not a professional course, it is a course aimed at the general public, and it can be an excellent tool for your personal development, but it will not enable you to work with tantric massage as a therapist.

For a better use of the course, we recommend, as a preparatory process, that the couple first attend the session for couples. It is a session of approximately 3 hours, in which we will teach practices that increase the capacity to feel through the hands and practices of the Circle of Consent. The Circle of Consent is a methodology that will help them recognize and communicate their limits, wants and needs regarding touch.
The cost of a couple session is BRL350 Online and BRL450 in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Belo Horizonte.

Curso de massagem tântrica

Contents of the Individual Course of the 5 Elements Massage for Couples

(of approx. 9 hours duration):

- Brief introduction to Tantra and the 5 Elements system
- 5 Elements Massage Demonstration
- Massage practice with our supervision

We offer as didactic material a booklet, videos and songs for massage.

- BRL 1070 (in SP, BH or RJ)

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