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Curso de massagem para casais

Sessions and Courses for Couples

Come and see our work for couples and experience a relationship with more love, intimacy and connection with

your partner:

- Awakened Relationships Session

- 5 Elements Tantric Massage Course


Individual Sessions with Miho

Discover the methodologies offered by Miho:

- Therapeutic Sessions: Body Consciousness

- Awakening in Practice Mentorship

Click below:


Individual Sessions with Yasmin

Sessions indicated for those who are looking to discover what is most infinite, loving and beautiful within us, looking for a breath, a space to just be and be able to feel at peace.

Learn more about Yasmin's approach by clicking below:

Miho e Yasmin

Retiros Individuais com Miho e Yasmin

Venha experienciar uma profunda transformação e nutrição do teu Ser essencial através desse retiro individual com sessões personalizadas às suas necessidades e interesses, onde fazemos uma programação adaptada às práticas que você gostaria de se aprofundar:

Whatsapp Despertar na Prática
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