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We are Miho Mihov and Yasmin Novaes: co-creators of Awakening in Practice.

We offer individual sessions, for couples, courses and self-knowledge retreats, based on Tantra Yoga, Mindfulness and Non-duality. We are inspired to support you in finding your true essence and going deeper into your consciousness awakening process.


Awakening in Practice: The Vision

Our Awakening in Practice project is based on three principles - Spiritual Awakening, Integral Development and Cultural Transformation. By following these principles and incorporating them into our life and service, our vision is to contribute to a more spiritually fulfilling, ecologically sustainable and socially just reality for all individuals, societies and our planet.


Spiritual Awakening

Our essential nature is not defined by our gender, race, social status, sexual identity and preference, economic power, religion or any other attribute defined by our culture. In essence, we are the totality of our experience as consciousness and not as a separate, limited entity. We are interconnected in the web of life, we are one with creative and evolving intelligence. The same intelligence that makes up the stars, minerals, trees and everything else. Our spiritual realization depends on the degree to which we recognize who we really are beyond our social conditioning. We all yearn for a sense of intimacy with life and seek it in myriad ways, yet we rarely recognize that we have access to it at all times and in all experiences.

Our aim is to help people realize directly that what we are essentially looking for is available here and now. All we need to do is understand the workings of our ego, free ourselves from our limiting beliefs and learn to rest as consciousness itself. To this end, we bring non-dual spiritual teachings, self-inquiry, meditation, the practice of silence, awareness of breath and body, and other contemplative practices. We seek to extract the essence of wisdom from different spiritual traditions and modern science such as - Non-dual Tantra, Advaita Vedanta, Yoga, Sufism, Buddhism, Shamanic traditions, Mindfulness, Quantum Physics, Integral Theory and others. At the same time, we wish to go beyond identification with any one of them, including and transcending the vision of these traditions.

Integral Development

Although our innate freedom and intrinsic value are not defined by our social condition and life circumstances, our psycho-physical structure, our individual attributes and our environment seem to largely determine the quality of our relationships, our health, work, financial success and life as a whole. In other words, we can define two types of happiness - unconditional and relative. The first is defined by the degree of spiritual awakening and the second depends on what we can call integral development and life circumstances. In order to have a rich and fulfilling life, we need to develop our awareness and develop our people skills. We see the importance of incorporating the realization of our essential nature into all aspects of life.

The main pillars of integral development in the context of our movement are: full health, conscious relationships, clarity of your life purpose, satisfactory sexuality, connection with nature and environmental preservation, material sufficiency, creative expression, holistic education, conscious parenting and development of our intelligences. Our main sources of knowledge and inspiration in this area are - Integral Theory, Psychology, Art Therapy, Neuroscience, Nutrition, New Sex Education, Applied Spirituality, Work That Reconnects, Permaculture, Deep Ecology and others.

Cultural Transformation

There is no real satisfaction in life unless we dedicate ourselves to something greater than our personal fulfillment, our family and friends. We have found that when we begin to broaden our view of the world and focus on what we want to contribute instead of what we want out of it, then we tap into an infinite source of inspiration, compassion and creativity. We believe that humanity has all the knowledge, technology and resources to solve all the world's great problems - climate change, social injustice, hunger, lack of education, racial and gender discrimination, violence, etc. What we need are groups of individuals and alliances committed to transformation that focus on understanding the root causes of problems and creating solutions from a more integral level of consciousness.

We live in extraordinary times when, for the first time in human history, we can consciously and willingly engage in the evolutionary process on a global scale as a world family. By engaging with the world and applying our spiritual wisdom and creative intelligence to building a more beautiful world, we can live truly fulfilling and meaningful lives and create a more prosperous reality for all. And that's what we dedicate our work to.

Let's together Be this change that the world needs!

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