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1. Therapeutic Sessions - Body Consciousness

These sessions are for anyone who wants to
• Gain self-confidence and body self-acceptance
• Cultivate presence through touch and movement
• Balancing your mental, emotional and sexual energy
• Access new sensations and feelings
• Cultivate and release your vital energy
• Understand and express your authentic desires e 

practice clear and transparent communication in their relationships
• Living mindfulness in an embodied way

• Wheel of consent
• Caress meditation
• Self-touch and self-pleasure coaching
• Mindfulness practices
• Sensory exploration
• Orgasmic Breathing
• Hawaiian Shamanic Massage 
• Tantric Massage of the 5 elements
• Dance massage
• Body self-investigation



2. Awakening in Practice Mentorship

Mentoring is aimed at anyone who wants to:
• Decrease confusion and pain in your life
• Awakening to your true nature
• Living with Mindfulness in everyday life
• Feel connected with yourself, with others and with nature in a stable and authentic way
• Fulfill your deepest purpose
• Have less fear and more love and trust

• Mindfulness practices
• Natural meditation and micro meditations
• Non-dual self-inquiry
• Awakened communication
• Deep Listening
• Reframing beliefs and deconstructing egoic conditioning
• Practices for dealing with emotions and reactivity
• Self-compassion and loving-kindness

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