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"The Clarity in the Heart

of being here

to Serve the Awakening.

The Self comes from within,


the dawn of each moment:

Listen to life

that in Silence speaks to you,

hear the calling

to explore your interior.


Dispel the ideas-illusions

about yourself, wake up to the Truth

that's already here."

                                       ~ Yasmin

Yasmin Novaes is co-creator of the Despertar na Practical project, Integral Yoga teacher (Yogaia Brasil), Mindfulness instructor (MTI) and singer. Her life is dedicated to the search for self-knowledge and the expression of the Truth of who we are.

On her journey, she has been deepening in Yoga and body awareness, in meditation, in the studies of non-duality, Tantra, Mindfulness, Indian Chanting, Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound), having music as a powerful instrument of connection with the divine.

Her mission is to share with the world the memory of our sacred essence, so that all beings can awaken to the wisdom of the Heart.

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