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With great affection and inspiration, we prepared this series ofguided practices, meditations and reflectionsthat you can do at home for 20 to 30 min a day, which will help you toget in touch with what nourishes you at the deepest level of your Being🇧🇷 The practices are based on our studies and experiences with Mindfulness, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra and Yoga - with a non-dual approach. Anyone, whether beginner or experienced in meditation, can participate.
Day themes:
🔹 Day 1: Anchoring attention in the present moment
🔸 Day 2: Cultivating compassion and loving care for yourself and others
🔹 Day 3: Dealing with fear, anger, anxiety and other challenging emotions
🔸 Day 4: Meditating on the go
🔹 Day 5: Conscious digital use
🔸 Day 6: How to calm a restless mind
🔹 Day 7: Cultivating presence in household chores
🔸 Day 8: How to stay centered in times of individual and collective crisis
🔹 Day 9: Connecting with the surrounding nature (including in urban spaces)
🔸 Day 10: Cultivating a healthy and conscious relationship with the energy of money
🔹 Day 11: How to deepen the recognition of our essence
🔸 Day 12: Practices and tips to take care of our vital energy
🔹 Day 13: Deeply relaxing body and mind 
🔸 Day 14: Cultivating conscious sexuality
🔹 Day 15: Meditation through music - Integrating the mind with the heart

Conscious Contribution

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CPF: 702.351.056-78(PIX)
Miho Georgiev Mihov

* Please send proof to 31 999377837

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🔹 Dia 1: Ancorando a atenção no momento presente
🔸 Dia 2: Cultivando compaixão e atenção amorosa consigo mesmo e com os outros
🔹 Dia 3: Lidando com medo, raiva, ansiedade e outras emoções desafiadoras
🔸 Dia 4: Meditando em movimento
🔹 Dia 5: Uso digital consciente
🔸 Dia 6: Como acalmar uma mente agitada
🔹 Dia 7: Cultivando presença nas tarefas domésticas
🔸 Dia 8: Como permanecer centrado em tempos de crise individual e coletiva
🔹 Dia 9: Conectando com a natureza ao redor (inclusive em espaços urbanos)
🔸 Dia 10: Cultivando uma relação saudável e consciente com a energia do dinheiro
🔹 Dia 11: Como aprofundar no reconhecimento da nossa essência
🔸 Dia 12: Práticas e dicas para cuidar da nossa energia vital
🔹 Dia 13: Relaxando o corpo e a mente profundamente 
🔸 Dia 14: Cultivando sexualidade consciente
🔹 Dia 15: Meditação através da musica - Integrando a mente com o coração

Participant testimonials:

"I have no words to express what this experience was for me, I wholeheartedly thank Miho and Yasmin for each new awakening in my life, in my body, in my soul.

I thank everyone who shared their experiences making this meeting even more beautiful.

Wherever I am, I will always be connected to you, sending much peace, love and light.

Gratitude with all my heart ✨🌹💕

- Grazielle

"This journey came to meet what I believe,

of my quest.

To be what I really am, free, at peace,

connected with nature, with people.

Love, simply love...

Many thanks to Miho, Yasmin and everyone who participated.

I felt my essence in the silence, I left the surface a little, in short, it was much more than I expected.

I woke up to very important issues in my life.

Let other encounters come.

Shalom! Namaste!!"

- Luiza

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