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We believe that theSelf-knowledge is key to a fuller and more meaningful life, it is the basis of all our relationships and essential for us to havedeeper connections with ourselves, others and nature.


That's why we created this retreat, which is now going into its second edition, as a proposal to everyone who wants and feels the desire toreconnect with our deepest essence, awakening the recognition of what unites us.


The Retreat of CarnivalLiving with Unityit is an invitation to cultivate an awakened and loving conscience, an opportunity to create moments of pause, silence and contemplation, to get in touch with teachings that can eliminate the ignorance that blinds us, preventing us from seeing our essence clearly, and of course, to being in contact with people and places that provide and strengthen this search for connection and the deepest meaning of life.

Feel very welcome to come with us!


February 26th to March 2nd
(From Saturday 10am to Wednesday 2pm)


Portal of Awakening,
Ecovillage Clearing - Piracaia (SP)


How are we going to carry out the proposal? There are infinite ways to realize Oneness, and we have chosen a few essential ones:

Notes and wisdom based on non-dual spiritual traditions

Yoga, Mindfulness Practices, Quiet Day and Nature Walks

Interactive Dynamics* and Creative Expression

Awakened Communication and Deep Sharing

Celebration Dance and Sacred Songs around the Bonfire

Karma Yoga - Selfless Service andCollaboration**

Conscious Eating,Healthy e Delicious

Valores por pessoa 

Pacote completo incluindo toda alimentação, hospedagem (quarto compartilhado), e todas as vivências dos 4 dias de retiro:



Inscrição em dupla


Inscrição individual
Inscrição em trio
ou mais

*O pagamento pode ser parcelado em até 5x (com juros)

This is our call to you!

If you feel resonance, come with us to experience this retreat and open your mind-heart to a new way of interBeing.




Mirella Rolim

 Mirella Rolim is a certified Mindfulness Instructor (MTi), Yoga Teacher, Art Therapist and Self-Knowledge Work Facilitator. 🇧🇷
He has been studying the development process of human consciousness for 8 years, always seeking to integrate theory and practice through knowledge of Eastern philosophies based on modern scientific studies of body and mind. Assiduous practitioner of yoga and meditation and creator of@atmayogaonline🇧🇷 🇧🇷

Apprentice and practitioner of the Dances of Universal Peace, part of the knowledge of Universal Sufism, a wisdom of union of the diverse spiritual traditions of the Earth.


Miho Mihov

project founderAwakening in Practice, body therapist, sexuality and relationship coach and Mindfulness Instructor in training. Practitioner and apprentice of Shaiva Tantra traditions with Professors Christopher D. Wallis (USA) and Peter Littlejohn Cook (Portugal) and of Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhism with Adyashanti, Mooji and Veesthish Om. Participated in the 6-week Transformative Immersion of the Vida Desperta Project in Portugal.

Miho is born in Bulgaria. He has lived in various ecovillages and communities across Europe, learning and immersively experiencing community life, sustainability and non-dual and integral spirituality. Over the last 10 years, he has dedicated himself to the gradual process of Awakening Consciousness in everyday life.


Yasmin Novaes

project co-creatorAwakening in Practice, Integral Yoga teacher, Mindfulness instructor in training and singer. His life is dedicated to the search for self-knowledge and the expression of the Truth of who we are.

In her journey, she has been deepening in practices of Yoga, meditation, Yoga of Sound, music as a connection with the divine and in the studies of non-duality, Tantra and Mindfulness. Its mission is to share with the world the memory of our sacred essence, the wisdom of our Heart.

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