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A spiritual and sensorial journey from the mind to the heart


We all seek and need affection, only in the individualistic society we live in, it seems to be scarce and distant from us. The good news is that this appearance is not real; Theaffective connection experienceIt's more accessible than we think.

And so that you can experience this, we have prepared a retreat in which we are going to create a safe space within and between us, toopen our Heart and experience the Essence that unites us🇧🇷 This is an inclusive proposal for everyone;both singles and couples are welcome.

The focus of the journey is to bring our energy and attention to the heart and interact with sensitivity, respect and fluidity, so that we cantaste the fullness of the Affection and Love that we are. 


May 20th to 22nd
(Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm)

Awakening Portal
Clearing Ecovillage, Piracaia (SP)


Âncora inscriçao

Contribution per person 

including all food, accommodation (room shared with 1 other person), experiences and classes:

Promotional Value:
(first 4 entries)
BRL 600

Full Value:

(Payment can be paid in up to 6 installments)
*Limited vacancies

Let's experience affection through:

Non-dual vision and tantric meditations

Mindfulness and Yoga practices

Interactive dynamics and playful games

Free dance with cacao and devotional chants

Dynamics of somatic consent and the art of conscious touch

connection with nature

Conscious Eating,Healthy e Delicious


Did you feel the call?

Come be part of this movement that has the potential to transform and heal our relationships and our society!



Miho Mihov

project founderAwakening in Practice, body therapist, sexuality and relationship coach and Mindfulness Instructor. Practitioner and apprentice of Shaiva Tantra traditions with Professors Christopher D. Wallis (USA) and Peter Littlejohn Cook (Portugal) and of Advaita Vedanta and Zen Buddhism with Adyashanti, Mooji and Veesthish Om. Participated in the 6-week Transformative Immersion of the Vida Desperta Project in Portugal.

Miho is born in Bulgaria. He has lived in various ecovillages and communities across Europe, learning and immersively experiencing community life, sustainability and non-dual and integral spirituality. Over the last 10 years, he has dedicated himself to the gradual process of Awakening Consciousness in everyday life.


Yasmin Novaes

Co-creator of the Awakening in Practice project, Integral Yoga teacher, Mindfulness instructor and singer. His life is dedicated to the search for self-knowledge and the expression of the Truth of who we are.

In her journey, she has been deepening in practices of Yoga, meditation, Yoga of Sound, music as a connection with the divine and in the studies of non-duality, Tantra and Mindfulness. Its mission is to share with the world the memory of our sacred essence, the wisdom of our Heart.

🇧🇷Awakening in Practice🇧🇷 All rights reserved.

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