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Practices, classes, experiences and direct notes to incorporate the recognition of who you truly are

(Event with free contribution)

Realization and production: 

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Awakening in Practice

An event in which we share wisdom, inspiration, notes and practices for Living the Awakening in different aspects of life - in the body-mind, in relationships, in professional expression and in everyday life. 

We offer a series of experiences that were recorded live and made available to you for an unlimited time! All classes are based on non-dual traditions and direct teachings of self-knowledge, whose purpose is the full realization and authentic expression of our true Self. 

If you feel this call, come with us! 



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Miho Mihovand

Yasmin Novaes


event hosts,

co-creators of Despertar

in practice, project

where they facilitate

experiences of self-knowledge

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Premium Giti Bond


Spiritual teacher and author of the book “Beyond Beliefs - An Invitation to Awakening”

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Veetshish Om


Conducts Satsangs - group or individual meetings with an emphasis on non-dual Self-knowledge to support Awakening and Realizing one's Infinite nature

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Jaya Devi


Body therapist, dancer and somatic sex educator, student of non-dual Shaiva Tantra and passionate about life

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Kalim Zappa


Facilitator of meditation and transformation processes based on Yoga and Vedanta at the Orchestra do Silêncio School of Self-Knowledge

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Tatiana Guedes


Psychologist and creator of Spontaneum, a school of self-knowledge that integrates Psychology and Spirituality, at the service of the realization of the Being

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Mirella Rolim


Certified Mindfulness Instructor (MTi), Yoga Teacher, Art Therapist and Self-Awareness Work Facilitator

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Nanda Biolchini


Therapist, specialist in facilitating processes of self-knowledge, emotional and energetic healing, founder of the Life in Balance Institute


Openness and Awakened Relationships: Moving beyond the sense of separateness
with Miho and Yasmin

Manifestation and Abundance from an awakened vision
with Giti Bond

Dharmic Values for a Life with Consciousness
with Kalim Zappa

The therapeutic field in a non-dual perspective
with Tatiane Guedes


An awakened look at
the Emotions 
with Nanda Biolchini

Satsang: Discovering that
you are infinity
with Veetshish Om

Mindful Yoga:from the body that 'does and seeks' to the body that 'is and feels'
with Mirella Rolim

Conscious Sexualityand Non-Dual Tantra
with Jaya Devi

Final celebration with
chant of mantras


with Darío, Yasmin, Miho, Mirella and Kalim

What you will receive:

🇧🇷Unlimited access to all meetings that were recorded live via Zoom (approximately 1h30 each)
🇧🇷Direct teachings and tools to live more consciously
🇧🇷Meditations and guided practices
🇧🇷How to apply the recognition of who you are in different areas of life
🇧🇷How to incorporate more pleasure, joy and fulfillment into all your relationships
🇧🇷Opportunities to ask questions and deepen self-knowledge
🇧🇷A community of beings interested in contributing to the awakening of humanity
🇧🇷The Greatest Gift That Is Simply Being

© Awakening in Practice | All rights reserved.

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