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práticas de conexão para casais

1 - Connection Practices for Couples

Tantric Webinar with Miho and Yasmin held on Valentine's Day 

• What do we look for in a relationship?
If you are looking for:

 - Less conflicts, suffering and drama,
+ More pleasure and intimacy,
+ More understanding and satisfaction,
+ More deep and true connection with each other...
Then this invitation is for you.

With great affection and dedication, we offer this 2-hour online webinar, in which we conduct 5 practices (verbal, energetic, physical, spiritual connection) that will provide a greater sense of loving connection between you and your partner.

movimento, escuta e toque consciente

2 - Movement, Listening and Conscious Touch

An inspiring and sensitive experience for couples who care about their intimate dynamics.

With much love and care, we offer this one and a half hour online Webinar, where we conduct 3 interactive practices (with Movement, Listening, and Conscious Touch) that will provide a greater sense of presence and loving connection between you and your partner /The.

Maturidade Emocional no relacionamento

3 - Cultivating Emotional Maturity and Presence

before Conflicts

"Knowing your true nature doesn't mean you don't have conflicts anymore. It means that you change the way you deal with them." ~ Rupert Spira

Our relationships are one of our greatest masters on the path of self-knowledge and awareness awakening. They are often the sources of the greatest satisfaction, and sometimes the greatest suffering and frustration in our lives - especially when we do not know how to deal with the moments when conflicts arise. In this 2-hour online webinar, we will talk about and experientially deepen the art of Cultivating Emotional Maturity and Presence in the most difficult moments within the relationship. We conducted some communication practices, active meditation and practices for you to feel and embrace your emotions with full awareness. Our approach is based on non-dual tantric wisdom, psychology, and mindfulness applied to relationships.

eros na relação íntima

4 - Renewing Eros inintimate relationship

In this very practical webinar, we will guide you on a loving journey of experiences, exercises and tips that will help you to re-ignite the fire within the relationship. 

During our time together, we will experience 4 moments:
1 - Mapping differences and recognizing the expectations that generate frustration in the relationship
2 - Dissolving barriers and obstacles, creating a clear and welcoming space for Full Listening
3 - Activating and balancing individual erotic energy
4 - Experiencing Eros through two practices of erotic connection based on Mindfulness and Tantric wisdom.

Experiencie uma conexão mais profunda com o seu Amor:

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